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Three Pillars of Health

I exercise my body and mind, I eat well, I rarely drink alcohol and I get quality sleep.

By choice I live and enjoy this lifestyle.    If I am healthy, how come I got sick ?

Simple. Stress.   

Over the past three weeks I’ve been subjected to stress, low grade sustained stress around my home.

Aka adrenal fatigue.

To be honest I’ve felt something was brewing but also felt I was fighting it off nicely. School holidays n all and having backed of the throttle with single mum school life.

Until last night I was in a conversation with a third party about protracted stressful situation from a few weeks ago.     In that conversation I was told that the stress perpetrator had the wrong information and says they owe me an apology.     YAS! Yah think  🙆‍♀️

Triggering!? You bet, my body immediately released all tension and sent a flood of hormones, toppling over my immune system.

Within an hour I went down like a sack of potatoes with body aches, sneezing, watery eyes, running nose, head tension and needed to go to bed.

Today I haven’t moved far from bed rest while my body deals.

Unless you have the pillars of health in balance you are at risk of illness. It’s that simple. They depend on each other, for optimal function. 

In my case my stress levels were raised. At the same time I eat right, exercise regularly, look after my mind and get quality sleep.   

 One element has been out of balance and I’ve paid the price.

Perhaps for you it’s your sleep, is it good quality ?    Maybe it’s your diet, is it high in sugar?    What are you doing about exercise for your body and mind ?

I encourage you to look a little deeper at why you might be unwell.

A simple shift in one area of your life is enough to set of a chain reaction to feeling better and ultimately living better.  

Do you, as best you can.   

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