the beauty hidden within

The beauty within your words

The beauty within your words……..

I see them for what they truly are.

 When you say ‘you are too spiritual for me,  I can’t take you on’

 What you are revealing is your fear to live your spirituality.        You see my ability to confidently live and speak my spirituality and desire that for you.

 When you say ‘I can’t trust that you won’t take my sales’

 What you are revealing is your inabilty to trust yourself and our potential.    You see my ability to confidently network with others to the mutual benefit of all.

 When you say “my strategies are none of your business”

What you are revealing is your fear of other’s succeeding.  You see my ability to  include others without fear, expectation or hidden agenda

 When you say “all people see is you chasing sales”

What you are revealing is your lack and scarcity mindset.   You see me genuinely caring for others while living financially free.

 When you say “you use children as an excuse”

What you are revealing is your fear of adult responsibility.  You see my ability to fearlessly be front and centre for children in the trenches.


 The Beauty of you showing up and speaking those words to me…..

I allowed myself to absorb the hurt your words inflict and doubt myself.   I’ve pulled those words apart and checked under luminescent light,   to confirm or deny if I am what you say.

Your words have sent me deep within to discover the beautiful power within,  to unequivocally know I am not that which you say.  

Affirming values, fortifying my esteem, revealing my soul desire and purpose in life. 

I’ve watched small transformations in you since you spoke those words to me.    I’ve witnessed you step onto a different path and hopefully out grow your limiting beliefs.

There is beauty within your words.

I am grateful for how you’ve shown up on my stage, for what that’s revealed within me.

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