I am committed to keeping my body and mind as relaxed as possible at all times.

It is my belief that learning to breathe properly is a life skill. Best acquired at a young age.

Relaxation is a state of being free from tension and anxiety.

Meditation is a state of deep peace.

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment while being aware of feelings in the body.

I am proud to be a Relax Kids Coach.  Our aim is to help the individual:-

  • learn the life skill that is basic relaxation & stress reducing techniques
  • use relaxation techniques every day
  • become aware of their feelings and emotions and learn to manage them
  • develop emotional and physical fitness
  • develop concentration skills
  • promote positive self image and self esteem
  • improve school performance
  • self sooth and regulate

…above all to do it in a fun engaging way while we exercise and learn to relax.

Relax Kids Classes support children’s emotional health and well being.   Sessions help cultivate a positive attitude, growth mindset and help self regulation.

We give children the tools during fun activity filled classes.