Next Level Fitness Kit


Ready to Level Up?  I dare you to try it!    These products supported me enormously thru a 6Week Fitness Challenge –  so much so that I created this Kit.


This Kit includes:-

1 x 10ml Roll on Motivate

1 x 10ml Roll on Ice Blue

1 x 15ml Smart & Sassy Metabolic Blend

1 x Bottle Peppermint Beadlets

There are two stages to Level Up, this is ground zero…..

When I wanted to give up I or when I wanted to push harder during the workout I used Motivate.

I chomped on a few peppermint beadlets to open up my airways.   Meaning I could fully breathe thru the times when the trainers were asking for more from me.   It regularly reached 90-100% effort on the myzone tracker,  and would easily work off 450-500 calories during each 36min HIIT session.    Know I am no gym junkie – quite the opposite,  I am a raving fan of yin yoga.

To prevent cravings (aka undoing my hard work) I dropped Smart n Sassy in my stainless steel water bottle.   Yas!  These pure, all natural plant based powerful essential oils are food grade.

To relax muscles pre or post workout I used my muscle relief blend,  no nasty synthetic based lab products going into this hot fox bod.   Nah uh.

The more toxins you remove from world the lighter your body becomes.  That means you are firing on all cylinders.

You might be thinking – whoopdedoooo,   so what!?

If you consider that I am not a fan of gym’s, meal prep or calorie counting…I have no idea,  does my head in – seriously (I don’t restrict food btw).   Ask my trainer….. for the first few weeks of the challenge I messed up the food intake – and still I came out winning.

I made some massive changes to my level of fitness,  physical appearance and state of mind during the challenge.  Loved it so much I’ll be repeating the Challenge from mid May!

ps:   Stage 2 is introducing the most amazing supplements on the planet.   You are under no obligation to Level Up to Stage 2,  but once again given I have never had success with supplements before you are gonna want to know about this synergistic group of supps.