Top view on colorful frame composition - made of flowers with paint brush on stone background. Spring concept.

House Renovating Rules….

The most harmful chemicals found in paints are carbon-containing solvents.

They vaporise into the air as paint dries. … all the while you are breathing in harmful chemicals as you continue to renovate or worse live in the home.

Essential oils like Lemon, Wild Orange and Tea Tree or Purify Blend are beautiful oils to keep you healthy via improved air quality. Diffusing essential oils via a cold mist diffuser every 30 -40 mins will combat paint fumes. Fresh air will only get you so far.

Best of all your health will get a boost along the way with many essential oils providing immune support. Cool huh?!

You can also change the feels of a room or the entire House!

Can you imagine, a place you never want to leave because it feels so dam good…..

You know you can create a particular energy (feeling) in a room by adding essential oils to the paint tin before applying it on the walls?
After the aroma fades the energy never does.

I’ve used this technique to change the energy in a room from negative somewhat aggressive to a calm, balanced and soothing environment that I retreat to regularly using Lavender essential oil. I’ve also used Lemon in the bathroom to ramp up the fresh feels.

It’s gotta be pure all natural high vibe essential oil sourced from only the best. As in doTERRA best.

The possibilities are endless 😊
Give it a try and let me know what happens, check out the Renovators Introduction Kit

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