the beauty hidden within

Many years ago there was a temple with a large golden statue. Word came to the village that an army was to invade.

The villagers covered the golden statue with mud and rocks so it looked like a stone statue – the villagers hoped the invading army would see no value in it.

The army arrived and passed by the statue, they had no reason to plunder it. For many years the village with the statue was occupied by the army.

There was a time where nobody remembered that the statue was golden.

One day, a young monk was meditating at the base of the statue, a little piece of mud and rock chipped off, revealing the gold hidden within. He excitedly told the other monks.

They started hammering at the statue, eventually revealing that it was in fact a Golden Buddha.

The metaphor being that each of us is golden by nature, hidden within our protective coating lies your true beauty.

We are born knowing everything. We grow, go to school, are herded into living and learning a certain way….. Before long we have forgotten, often building a protective layer of mud and rock around us in order to fit in.

One day something comes along that cracks that protective casing open, in that moment you glimpse a part of yourself that reveals who you truly are. Revealing a piece of yourself that brings you a step closer to being your true self, to revealing the gold beauty that is already within you.

It’s in these moments we often resolve to continue to chip away at that opening to reveal more of the beautiful glowing gold that already exists within you.

Have you felt or seen this in yourself before?

ELChemy Essentials is my collection of skills, tips and tricks that help me everyday to gently chip away my protective layers to reveal the gold residing within me. 

My desire for me…as it is for you…is that you find the courage to make a small choice to do something different, to crack open a part of you that is waiting to see light.

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