Beginners Workshop

Time to put the training wheels back on ….join me for a fun morning of learning how to integrate essential oils into your home.

Have you noticed the supermarket and pharmacy shelves are stocking more and more products that are labelled all natural, chemical free or fragrance free?

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The Sea Within

Is the sea within you calm, composed, unwavering and still?

Or is it rough, treacherous and reactive, can you feel what is happening inside you?

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Magic Potion Make & Take

Magic Potion Make & Take with essential oils…

Does your sweet petite person need energising, protecting, settling to sleep or perhaps a beautiful hair pure fume….

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The Healthy Home Workshop

Our Home is our sanctuary, a place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. So. It stands to reason that when we retreat to our Homes, we need it to be Healthy.

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The Healthy Woman Workshop

I am Woman hear me Roar……
not the kinda Roar at the kids, partner, colleagues or anyone that’s dared challenge you kinda roar.

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