I am committed to the gradual process of removing toxins from all areas of my life. 

Toxins are in our food, water, air, beauty and personal care plus cleaning products.

Toxins are in our relationships too – and for good reason, that’s a discussion best had in person.

That makes for hundreds and thousands of times in a day that our beautiful body & mind is exposed to harmful chemicals.

They can accumulate in your body, possibly alter it’s state as well. If what I’ve come to learn is true then it’s highly likely this is what’s causing us to enter into a state of dis ease.

Mentally and Physically. What’s worse is there is suggestion that toxins are passed onto babies in utero.

There are many and varied ways to detox, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming ordeal.

Making a different choice, taking one small action towards reducing your exposure to toxins will lead to long lasting change…. remember the ripple effect from cracking open a new part of you, it opens you up to more positive change.

At least that’s how it went down for me while on my path….

Attend a Detox Health and Home Workshop.


I made the choice to integrate doTERRA Essential Oils into our home some years ago. I love them so much I’m a Wellness Advocate. Everybody’s body should be exposed to these powerful gifts of nature.

They are used to flavour food, clean house, heal wounds, strengthen immunity, alter moods and emotional state….. yep the state of your emotions holds the key to much pain and suffering.

It was a gradual integration. Our health has gone from strength to strength….we haven’t been sick with seasonal illness for three winters now. While other’s drop like flies with coughs, colds or gastro we sail on thru with barely a scratchy throat.

doTERRA essential oils have strengthened our immune system and have balanced my hormones.

It all starts with a Home Essentials Kit or Kerry Harper’s Hormonal Bliss Protocol.

doTERRA essential oils are the best investment in your health you are likely to ever make.

Consider booking into a Detox Health and Home Workshop or Host a Detox Health and Home Workshop

I would be honored to come speak to you and your group about my personal experiences and knowledge * conditions apply.

I’ll show you simple ways to start detoxing with essential oils.

You’ll have the opportunity to get started with your very own Home Essentials Kit at the Workshop.

After you have received your essential oils a follow up Make and Take Workshop is a must. This will boost your confidence in using your oils in the home.

Contact me now to book.


Another way to detox is around what you are feeding your mind. I rarely watch commercial television – that includes the daily News. Amazingly I manage to keep abreast of events that I should know about or that impact me. Try it sometime – it’s liberating stuff.

I do choose to educate myself in other ways. Be it what I choose to watch or listen to, including my own internal dialogue via quite time or meditation as some may know it.

My essential viewing:-

Stink (Netflix)

The movie the chemical industry doesn’t want you to see.

Rotten (Netflix) Season 1. Do you know what you are eating?

Lawyers, Guns & Honey

One Strange Rock (Netflix)

Heal (Netflix)

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