Year 12 Dress

Deep seated beliefs….. we’ve all got them

Deep seated beliefs, we’ve all got them…….

This picture is a reversible, changeable dress I designed, made and wore in a fashion parade during the late 80’s early 90’s.

Every year for six years I toiled away with pencil and paper, then over machine with thread. 

For six years I faced my fears (I’m shy, still am) and got up on a stage under lights, with choreographed routines to strut, pose or dance my way down a runway.

I felt like a Ten Tonne Tessie… other words I felt huge – fat! Larger than life even. Of stage ….going about school life, I felt the same.

Looking at this dress now I see how tiny….teeny tiny it is, and short! OMG so Short. I see my creativity, vibrancy…. depth and detail.

Immediately in my mind I think shyzzer the goddess that wore this must of been a skinny minnie, with great pins and a truckload of confidence, larger than life for a girl her age.

Ummmmm that was me, I was that skinny Minnie, creative, confident and vibrant goddess.

My very own deep seated (misguided) belief to pull apart.

I was the girl at high school that came from a different part of town. 

I was the girl ahead on trends, my head was buried in international fashion.

I was the girl with the pixie haircut, cherry….red at times, with piercing blue eyes, freckles and the mild desire to push back at a prestigious academic school.

I stood out. What a beautiful bright light I was for the struggling to dim.

My, oh my what a beautiful thing it’s been to let go of this belief….to forgive. 

So long, farewell…deep seated belief, you don’t live here anymore.

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