Beginners Workshop

Time to put the training wheels back on ....join me for a fun morning of learning how to integrate essential oils into your home. Have you noticed the supermarket and pharmacy shelves are stocking more and more products that are labelled all natural, chemical free or fragrance free?


  • Sat, 14 Dec, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm AEST


  • Community Hub, Castle Towers, Castle Hill, NSW 2154

Event Details

Don’t be fooled by the label. Get to know the lingo and learn why some labels are BS and why you won’t feel as good. You get what you pay for.

Let me introduce you to the best pure, powerful, chemical free all natural plant based products you are ever likely to encounter.

It’s really easy to gradually integrate essential oils into all areas of your life. You don’t need to be a DIY guru.

Trust me… your health will thank you.

We’ve had amazing success since introducing doTERRA Essential Oil and Lifestyle Products into our home during 2017.

We’ve replaced much of our supermarket and pharmacy products with plant based meds and products…. yep we have soap, toothpaste, handwash and more… all have a lot less toxins.

That means I’m not weighing down my cells with chemicals.

I’ve saved a truckload of time with less trips to the Dr …. we’re healthier – we don’t need the GP as much, plus products are delivered to my front door (even when I’m out) so less time at the shops.

I’ve learnt to participate in a generous loyalty program (which of course you don’t have to, if you don’t want to – we don’t lock you into contracts or make you buy stuff you don’t need).

We’ve never been healthier – at one point my Daughters Team of Dr’s stood scratching their heads….. saying ‘we don’t know what’s wrong and can’t help’ along with confirming antibiotics don’t work.

Can you imagine the look on my face and the sinking feeling of hearing that with a 2.5yr old in my arms ?

I absolutely have a foot in both camps…. with prescribed medications and pure plant based medicines. I use what works from modern medicine too… but make no mistake the more I learn and grow with my oils, the more doTERRA does with research the less I’m needing by way of prescribed synthetic products.

Our bodies are not designed to be pumped full of chemicals… you’ve only got to look at the number of cancers, heart disease, behavioral and mental health statistics to see that we must be living wrong if we’re making ourselves sick!

It’s time to take control of your health and do it different.

I giggle when I see the media touting “worst winter for seasonal nasties” Bring it on I say – our immune systems are so strong we’ve not been bed ridden with coughs, colds, flus, sore ears or gastro for several years.

So please please investigate how to do it different, step of the merry go round.

I’ll hold your hand and guide you along as you learn to take back control of your health, mood and mind with the steady integration of essential oils into your life and home…..

Book your place and take the first step….often the hardest …. into changing your life

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