About Me

My Journey

I’ve lived here there & everywhere. Worked in many different vocations, all the while gathering life experience, knowledge and friendships along the way.

I’ve mixed with the wrong & the right. Made mistakes and will no doubt make more.

I’ve loved and lost…. none more so than myself.   In 2015 my marriage disintegrated overnight. My children in emotional/behavioural and health crisis, death of a loved one, my own physical and mental health in turmoil along with the loss of my forever home given to me in rapid succession, it’s fair to say…. I was struggling to stay above  water.

I had to make a different choice, and take the path less travelled.

Thru it all…. as the Mothering, Goddess Artemis, Virgin like Networker I am.  I have picked myself up every time, one foot in front of the other and simply kept going.

Upon reflection I’m not sure how much longer I could have sustained that behaviour…..

It was no mistake that essential oils found me again during 2017. I am eternally grateful – for the hundreds of ways they have helped the physical, emotional and mental well being of myself and my children.

We have strong immune systems, better emotional regulation, our moods are enhanced and we very much live a low tox life in our home compared to several years ago.

Our endocrine system is happier – critical to regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, reproduction, sleep, moods and more.  

I’ve saved time and money with less spend at the supermarket and chemist. I spend significantly less time travelling and waiting for a GP.

Essential Oils are not a luxury, they are a necessity in our home. 

I wholeheartedly believe natural plant based medicine, in our homes at our fingertips are the way forward for supporting our common health, mood and emotional needs first and foremost. Essential oils absolutely have a place alongside modern medicines – I truly believe that. Science has much catching up to do when it comes to pure all natural plant based medicines.

Essential Oils have been the conduit to finding my Soul Sisters, Mothers, Brothers, Lovers and more.

Take the path less travelled, make the choice to have these essential oils in your life.

Let them get to work on your physical, emotional and mental health as they support the gradual transformation to the healthy, happy and harmonious life you deserve.