About Us

Sometimes what appears to be the worst thing to happen ends up being a blessing, putting us on the path we were always meant to be on.

Sometimes what appears to be the worst thing to happen ends up revealing hidden pieces of us….even powers or talents that we never knew we had.

The worst thing to happen is the gift. Are you willing to view it in this way?

Your place of perspective will reveal the blessing if you are willing to look and be patient.

Your willingness to be open, grateful and unafraid to look within can bring enourmous reward to your body, mind and soul.

I know this to be true.

Do you choose to stay within your protective mud and stone casing, repeating the same habits and behaviors unaware of what’s really going on within you.

You’ve only got to observe what’s showing up on your life stage to establish what’s going on.

By gently removing a little more protective casing, by making a different choice and waiting patiently to see the result… you will discover more and more within you, notice what shows up in your world different as a consequence.

It’s in the discovery and revealing more of your self that you trigger the ripple effect.

It sends a message far beyond where your imagination can reach, an electrical trigger setting off a chemical reaction in your mind and body, creating connections within you and also in your outer world.

When we reveal more of true selves (the gold within) we realise we are the same, often seeking the same simple truths in life. Wanting to be understood and accepted for who we truly are.

Thru self discovery (chipping away our layers to reveal the gold within) we build soul stamina we become strong, resistant to life’s struggle. Accepting the beauty of all the good, the bad sometimes painful and ugly that has come to pass in life.

Ultimately we become purposeful, more conscious of our every thought and action …. aware of the consequences of our actions and thoughts as we go about our daily life, living a life of service to others.

I hold the belief that it is the sum total of small consistent congruent actions that contribute to the whole human being healthy, wealthy and wise.

Yah just gottta choose different. Are you ready to take one new small action today?

If you answered YES I AM! Buckle up Buttercup because you’ve just stepped off your well worn path and onto the new path less travelled…

These are the essentials, ELChemy essentials that help me to unlock the beautiful golden treasure within….